The Narrow Gate
The Narrow Gate
The Narrow Gate
The Narrow Gate
Sonya Shannon

The Narrow Gate

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"The Narrow Gate" © 2014 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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"I think 'The Narrow Gate' is a great idea - no one needs baggage - wishing you much good luck with this positive piece."
"This is my favorite piece. I love the way she becomes gradually unburdened. You did an excellent job of depicting that. Thanks for the inspiration."
"Beautiful! No matter what beliefs or religion you follow, this picture really speaks to humanity ever striving for evolution and higher consciousness."


Majestic editions are printed on premium metallic photo paper.
Classic editions are direct-printed on eco-friendly wood.
Ask about custom sizes and framed versions.

Classic Wood Float

  • 24" x 12" - $177
  • 40" x 20" - $333

Canvas Mantra & Scripture Canvas

Majestic Wood Float 

  • 48" x 24" - $1199
  • 60" x 30" - $2199 *Artist's Choice
  • 96" x 48" - $3299

Artist's Statement

It was really hard to decide to make limited editions of "The Narrow Gate." I have left the Canvas Editions open because in my heart, this painting is for everyone. It is a gift from the Divine, that I am deeply humbled to bring to you.

The vision depicted reflects our human experience of acquiring so much baggage - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - that weighs us down. Passing through the Divine Portal means we leave everything behind. The stages of dropping the load, being free, and transitioning to a winged form represent our soul's journey.

My prayer is that you and your Beloved will enter the Narrow Gate and find eternal radiance beyond imagination or words. May we meet in glory on the other side.

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