Surrender ALTAR ICON
Surrender ALTAR ICON
Surrender ALTAR ICON
Surrender ALTAR ICON
Sonya Shannon

Surrender ALTAR ICON

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Align your will with the Universe's Will for you. This Altar Icon and affirmation give you the imagery and words that let you surrender your troubles and cares to a Power greater than yourself. Flow along in faith. Place this Altar Icon in a sacred spot in your space to open to the Divine. Give this powerful Altar Icon and its message to one who needs to let go.


  • "I Surrender" artwork by Sonya Shannon
  • 7" x 5" sturdy infused aluminum w self-standing easel back
  • brilliant colors and high gloss, scratch-resistant surface
  • includes Affirmation Card to read daily (see below)
  • made in the USA


I am ready to let go completely.

The struggle is over at last.

I feel myself fall back gently,
into the safety and care of my

My faith swells as I feel myself
carried to new places by a Power
far greater than myself.

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