Burning Down the House
Burning Down the House
Burning Down the House
Burning Down the House
Sonya Shannon

Burning Down the House

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"Burning Down the House" © 2014 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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"Fantastic...composition, colors, I love everything about this piece."

Majestic, Epic, and Mystic editions are printed on premium metallic photo paper.
Paper editions are printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 188 gsm 100% cotton paper.

Paper Limited Editions

  • 24" x 16" Paper Edition of 100 - $179
  • 36" x 24" Paper Edition of 25 - $289

Wood Float Limited Editions

  • 36" x 24" - Mystic Edition of 50 - $1189
  • 84" x 48" - Epic Edition of 7 - $3499

Metal Limited Edition - *Artist's Choice 

  • 48" x 32" - Majestic Edition of 24 - $2699

Artist's Statement

I created “Burning Down the House” as the first Fire card in the Transformation Oracle. The painting features seven dancers in a fiery circle. The vision came as I contemplated the Destroyer aspect of GOD as Generator—Organizer—Destroyer. My original idea was to explore what has to be demolished, dismantled, or burnt to the ground before something new can emerge. Out of that came the final meaning, which is “renovation.” I tell the whole story here.

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