"Small Miracles" Altar Icon
Sonya Shannon

"Small Miracles" Altar Icon

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This Altar Icon helps restore zest for life by reminding us of small miracles - like the frost that appears overnight on winter windows. Give a meaningful gift this holiday, or celebrate the joys of nature year round with the Small Miracles Altar Icon and affirmation card. 


  • "Frost Faerie" artwork by Sonya Shannon
  • 7" x 5" sturdy infused aluminum
  • brilliant colors and high gloss, scratch-resistant surface
  • self-standing easel back
  • made in the USA


Today I am thankful for the small
miracles I notice all around me.

When I awake to the tiny, magical
workings of this world, I forget
my troubles. My heart swells 
with gratitude and joy.

I am happy to be alive!
I can’t wait to enjoy this day.

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