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With Sonya Shannon
ULC Minister & Mystic Visionary Artist / Author

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It is my heartfelt desire to help you move towards the Light, increase the flow of love, prosperity, and wellbeing in your life, and find the serenity, spiritual growth, and fulfillment you seek.

Available via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or phone.

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"Sonya Shannon is an incredibly accurate intuitive seer and reader. She has assisted and guided me with answers that have been life changing. I love how she delivers messages so loving, gentle and gracefully. She is a beautiful beacon of light and love, and I am honored to be her close friend and client."
- Sophia Rashkin | Los Angeles, CA - United States
"Sonya is very in tuned & attuned to the clients she works with & their guides. The guides speak really freely to her & she is able to see a lot & hear a lot so she can be of support to her clients during readings.  She helped me to get clarity on many things & she was very gentle & loving while also being direct. I really appreciate the reading I had with Sonya & I really appreciate her as a person. What a beautiful soul. What a beautiful gift. What amazing cards she uses to invited our guides to speak. Thank you Sonya for being willing to be a vessel; as a reader, an artist & with the cards you create. Blessings."
- Jacquie Van Horne | Denver, CO - United States
"Sonya is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher. I took her Transformation Oracle class and it was GREAT! !!! I have a learning disability and when I explained that to her she adjusted her teaching so I could learn and understand what was going on. She has a beautiful and peaceful spiritual aura that makes you feel relaxed. I could not have asked for a better teacher. If you have a chance to take a class with her, PLEASE do. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Her divine spirit with show you way. God bless."
- Michelle Whitehead | Colorado Springs, CO - United States
"Sonya is a pure channel of light deeply connected to the angelic realm. Her guidance is always spot on and comforting!"
- Daniela Mouser | Colorado Springs, CO - United States


We live in turbulent times. As the Aquarian Age begins and the Piscean Age ends, our "mother ship," Planet Earth, is shifting in space — affecting us all. To help you navigate these times, I channeled the Transformation Oracle, a divination deck for the planetary shift.

When I read from the Transformation Oracle, the cards serve as portals to the Spirit Realm to shed light on your questions and guide your path. By connecting to the Angelic Beings and Energies, I bring empathic sensitivity, visionary perception and metaphysical knowledge to your situation. Together, we'll draw upon your own intuitions, the larger collective unconscious, Divine guidance, and other powerful energies all around us.