Prairie Ocean Panoramic
Prairie Ocean Panoramic
Prairie Ocean Panoramic
Prairie Ocean Panoramic
Sonya Shannon

Prairie Ocean Panoramic

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"Prairie Ocean Panoramic" © 2016 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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"This is beautiful!! I am captivated by it — can’t stop looking at it. The imagery of the ebb and flow of pairie and ocean is such a sensual capturing of the rhythms of our bodies, and I am moved by the one short, but growing tree (of life?). Also love the colors — so peaceful."
Kristina Eisenhower | Hirakata, Osaka - Japan


Epic, Majestic, and Mystic editions are printed on premium metallic photo paper.

Wood Float Editions

  • 36" x 9" Mystic Edition of 33 - $333
  • 48" x 12" Majestic Edition of 22 - $555
  • 60" x 15" Epic Edition of 11 - $777

Artist's Statement

I created this panoramic version of "Prairie Ocean" to increase your feeling of escape to all the places you love. The super wide format is deeply calming and has a wonderful presence.

We can never underestimate air, for the power of wind to change. Mountains, sky, waves of grass on the plains, crests of salt water on the ocean, sand dust on the beach - all are created and destroyed by the power of wind. I wanted to study how we are similarly transformed through the metaphysical winds of change that blow through our souls during life.

I also created a Prairie Ocean Altar Icon to feel calm through transformation.

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