Patchwork Earth - CANVAS
Patchwork Earth - CANVAS
Patchwork Earth - CANVAS
Patchwork Earth - CANVAS
Patchwork Earth - CANVAS
Patchwork Earth - CANVAS
Patchwork Earth - CANVAS
Sonya Shannon

Patchwork Earth - CANVAS

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"Patchwork Earth" © 2014 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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"'Patchwork Earth' is a wonderful piece of artwork with so much meaning in your descriptions."
"Fascinating Sonya, I admire every single work of yours, you're a gifted artist, and your creations are very inspiring!"
"'Patchwork Earth' is a MASTERFUL piece of work! Congrats - I LOVE IT!!"

Canvas Mantra edition is direct-printed on durable gallery canvas wrap.
Canvas Mantra Open Edition

  • 16" x 24" Canvas Mantra - $277
  • 24" x 36" Canvas Mantra - $449
  • 32" x 48" Canvas Mantra - $579

MANTRA around canvas edge:
Every experience you’ve ever had is a color in the patchwork quilt that makes You. There is only one You in this world, and You are like none other that ever was or ever will be. Even the messiest parts of your life can be recycled into the multifaceted gem that is all of You.

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Artist's Statement

We live so long anymore that it seems we live many lifetimes in one. If you've changed careers, been divorced or bereaved of your spouse, gone bankrupt or lost everything you had, you are living a patchwork life. Friends come and go. We move about. On the bits and pieces of our lives are written the hours, places and people we have experienced. Each page of our story is important, whether we accept it or not. To shut out or cut off an experience is to abort part of our journey, to cast the Chi or sacred flow of life energy into an entropic one-way wasteland. To love deeply is to know, love, and cherish our entire self, every step of the way.

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