One Way to Pleiades - CANVAS
Sonya Shannon

One Way to Pleiades - CANVAS

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"One Way to Pleiades" © 2015 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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"Sonya's artwork speaks to me like no other art has ever done."
Laura Haferkorn | Brighton, ON - Canada
"I think your work is stunning."

Canvas Mantra editions are direct-printed on durable gallery canvas wrap.

Canvas Mantra Open Editions

  • 48" x 32" - Canvas Mantra - $555
  • 24" x 16" - Canvas Mantra - $222

      MANTRA around canvas edge:
      Where do souls dwell before & after? Heavens inspire such wrenchings: eternity, mystery, home. Each must pass alone through the Gates. The Seven Sisters smile the entire way. Welcome! Welcome!

      Artist's Statement

      "One Way to Pleiades," is a childhood memory ... floating with my sisters on the deep black lakes in Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada. The northern lakes in those days were so clear and the night sky so pure that the stars seemed within arm's reach. I wrote a poem about this experience, which you can read here.


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