Into White - CANVAS
Into White - CANVAS
Into White - CANVAS
Into White - CANVAS
Into White - CANVAS
Into White - CANVAS
Into White - CANVAS
Sonya Shannon

Into White - CANVAS

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"Into White" © 2014 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved. Originally titled, "And Everything Emptying Into White."
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"'Into White' is a great example of learning the story of a painting to appreciate the imagery more. I am interested to learn a peacock's colors come from the toxic food it eats. What fabulous symbology!"
"One of my favorites of Sonya's wonderful visionary art! The beauty, love of Earth, power, and divine lessons merge into such grace... The peacock is such a powerful symbol for all those things blended and transmuted, and you created this representation to perfection."

Canvas Mantra editions are direct-printed on durable gallery canvas wrap.

Canvas Mantra Open Editions

  • 16" x 24" Canvas Mantra - $277
  • 24" x 36" Canvas Mantra - $449
  • 32" x 48" Canvas Mantra - $579

MANTRA around canvas edge:
Heal every hurt in your heart by learning from the peacock who eats the poison snake yet does not die, for he turns it into glorious plumage. Hearts mend in beauties of compassion & forgiveness.

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Artist's Statement

I've noticed that my mind, left unattended, is highly attracted to emotional "poisons": a random insult, betrayal by a "friend," envy of a competitor's success, being slighted by someone I adore. It's as though these negative experiences "shine" more brilliantly because they are toxic!

One day, a therapist friend told me something extraordinary. The peacock, attracted to the brilliantly colored and deadly poisonous snakes and insects, eats them. Actually seeks them out! But he doesn't die. Somehow, he manages to turn the venom into nutrition. His glorious tail grows more beautiful. He becomes stronger. How can this be?! And how can I follow his example?

I'm not saying it's easy, but through meditation, therapy, and "processing" the negative experience with a trusted friend, I believe we can become more spiritually beautiful. We "ingest" the hurt and turn it into compassion (for ourselves and others), tolerance, kindness, open-mindedness. Our whole species could benefit from this lesson, I believe.

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