Infinite Bliss
Infinite Bliss
Infinite Bliss
Infinite Bliss
Infinite Bliss
Sonya Shannon

Infinite Bliss

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"Infinite Bliss" © 2014 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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"I read a book, 'Dying To Be Me,' where the author has a near death experience and describes how our souls are 'truly magnificent'. This pictures it."
"'Infinite Bliss' just simply delights me! I feel so intimately connected to the stars myself, and Sonya captures the essence of our universal being-ness so well, with such radiant joy! My first thought on seeing this delightful image was 'that's who I want to be when I grow up!' - dancing in the aliveness of this magical primordial universe..."
"Pure love and light! Amazing, I LOVE your description..." 
Majestic and Mystic editions are printed on premium metallic photo paper. Classic edition is direct-printed on eco-friendly wood.


Art Plaque

  • 21" x 14" - $150

Classic Wood Float

  • 24" x 16" - $300
Canvas Mantra
Majestic Wood Float - Limited Edition
  • 36" x 24" - $900 - Edition of 25
  • 48" x 32" - $1200 - Edition of 11
Mystic Aluminum Float - Limited Edition
  • 48" x 32" - $1500 - Edition of 7

Artist's Statement

This painting is from my graphic novel, "Coyote Girl." It's the moment when the heroine puts on the Dress of Stars. Envisioning that moment — adorning oneself with a dress made of cosmic fire — was a huge impetus to write/paint the novel.

I had always thought of the fleshly body as dark clothes hiding the brilliance of the soul, until I came across the fairy tale that inspired "Coyote Girl." Realizing we are made out of stardust elevated my perception of human beings, and switched from darkness into light — the Divine-centered transformation necessary to overcome abuse.

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