Gifts from the Realm of the Higher Self
Gifts from the Realm of the Higher Self
Gifts from the Realm of the Higher Self
Gifts from the Realm of the Higher Self
Sonya Shannon

Gifts from the Realm of the Higher Self

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"Gifts from the Realm of the Higher Self" © 2017 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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All editions are printed on premium metallic photo paper.

Paper Limited Edition

  • 36" x 9" Paper Edition of 100 - $179

Wood Float

  • 34" x 8-1/2" - Mystic Edition - $295
  • 48" x 12" - Mystic Edition - $488

Metal Float Limited Edition 

  • 34" x 8.5" - Majestic Limited Edition of 88 - $555
  • 48" x 12" - Majestic Limited Edition of 44 - $888
  • 60" x 15" - Majestic Limited Edition of 11 - $2700

Artist's Statement

My spiritual teacher gave me a name on which to meditate, saying the name was both my destiny and my challenge in life. This meditation transported me to a mystical encounter with my Higher Self. I glimpsed the angelic realm in which She dwells. It was very difficult to be in Her presence, so overwhelmingly glorious and beautiful is that place and state of being. While still inside this earthly cloak of the body and its various struggles, I turn to that Higher Realm for hope in droplets of Divine bliss. 

This eidetic artware expresses the discovery the Higher Self by a Medieval Queen locked in a golden cage. In her grief, she feels a stirring: the call of a better, more Heavenly realm. 

This story appeared to me in visual rhymes, moving outward from the center where the two selves touch through the veil. It is the largest eidetic artware I have created to date, being more than seven gigabytes and over three hundred and fifty layers. At times, I could hardly work on the angelic part. I would simply stop for up to an hour at a time, remembering the vision, staring as best as my human eyes can, to see what is on the other side.

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