Forgiveness ALTAR ICON
Forgiveness ALTAR ICON
Forgiveness ALTAR ICON
Forgiveness ALTAR ICON
Forgiveness ALTAR ICON
Sonya Shannon

Forgiveness ALTAR ICON

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Did you know that the peacock's beautiful tail feathers can be grown from digesting poisonous snakes? The peacock teaches us how to clear up toxic emotions and turn them into our own spiritual splendor of forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, enthusiasm, and love. This Altar Icon and affirmation card helps release blocked feelings and their obsessive thoughts, giving your heart grace and peace. Makes a meaningful gift to that loved one who struggles with emotional pain.


  • "Into White" artwork by Sonya Shannon
  • 5" x 7" sturdy infused aluminum w self-standing easel back
  • brilliant colors and high gloss, scratch-resistant surface
  • includes Affirmation Card to read daily (see below)
  • made in the USA


Today I convert all my inner poisons
into spiritual splendor.

Like the peacock, my “virtue feathers”
grow as I transform the toxic snakes of
resentment, jealousy, bitterness and fear
into radiant feelings of compassion,
forgiveness, gratitude, and love.

I am filled with pure white light.

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