Dream Journal
Dream Journal
Dream Journal
Sonya Shannon

Dream Journal

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"Dream Journal" © 1980-2014 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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"Gorgeous image Sonya!"
"Very nice artwork, well done!"


Majestic edition is printed on premium metallic photo paper.
Classic edition is direct-printed on eco-friendly wood.

Classic Wood Float

  • 12" x 24" - $300

Majestic Wood Float - Limited Edition of 25  *Artist's Choice 

  • 24" x 42" - $900
Artist's Statement

The vision for “Dream Journal” came to me in my early 20s. I spent a lot of time exploring the language of dreams and the transitional state between waking and dreaming. What goes on opens dimensions of perception similar to the way artistic visions appear for me. It is as though we wander in alternate realms, vivid and affecting, yet elusive and seemingly immaterial. "Dream Journal" expresses that fluid boundary between consciousness, unconsciousness, and elevated consciousness.

This is my personal favorite artwork. It is also my most misunderstood. I believe this is because images of women in their boudoirs are invariably sexualized. Yet what goes on in the boudoir can be intimate and penetrating on a spiritual level, too. It is all there, in the dream journal...

Dream Journal - original pencil sketch

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