Celestial River
Celestial River
Sonya Shannon

Celestial River

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"Celestial River" © 2012-2014 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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" Celestial River is a beautiful vision of mother earth in the making, stirred by wisdom and love, a creation of the souls journey. I feel hopeful and protected by the star dust and swirl in this spiritually driven dream. Thank you to Sonya for this healing inspired work."
" You must be the master of the mythical realm. I absolutely love your work. I love what you bring forth from your protean imagination. Amazing gallery you have here."
"Celestial River is my favorite of all Sonya's artwork."


Paper Limited Edition
Paper edition is printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 188 gsm 100% cotton paper.

  • 16" x 24" Paper Edition of 200 - $179

    Metallic Limited Edition
    Mystic edition is printed on premium satin photo paper.

    • 24" x 36" Mystic Edition of 25 - $1199 

    Artist's Statement

    Yes, this is one of very few selfies in my gallery. I wanted to understand metaphysically what happens during the visionary art process. Secretly, I am curious about the Angels who help create things in the cosmos. How does a spiral galaxy start? Where does Divine energy go once it passes through us? I dedicate this artwork to every person who co-creates with the Divine. My wish is that the imagery reminds us all of our place in the scheme of the cosmos.

    I also created a Celestial River Altar Icon to catalyze creativity.

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