Prayer Therapy - CANVAS
Prayer Therapy - CANVAS
Prayer Therapy - CANVAS
Prayer Therapy - CANVAS
Prayer Therapy - CANVAS
Prayer Therapy - CANVAS
Prayer Therapy - CANVAS
Sonya Shannon

Prayer Therapy - CANVAS

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"Prayer Therapy" Canvas Mantra © 2015 Sonya Shannon. All rights reserved.
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"Wow this is amazing! Beautiful message. ūüíĖ"

Canvas Mantra editions are direct-printed on durable gallery canvas wrap.

    Canvas Mantra Open Edition

    • 24" x 16" Canvas Mantra¬†- $277
    • 36" x 24" Canvas Mantra¬†- $449
    • 48" x 32" Canvas Mantra¬†- $579

    MANTRA around canvas edge:

    The Coyote Girl's Prayer, by Sonya Shannon

    Great One, I know in my heart you are there. Thank you for my life and for the chance to love and be loved. Please wash away my stains and make me clean and pure once more. Thank you for the many blessings and for each challenge that makes me grow closer to you. I am so grateful. Please help me be useful today in some small way to you and others.

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    Artist's Statement

    ‚ÄúPrayer Therapy‚ÄĚ comes from my graphic novel, The Coyote Girl. Long before #metoo, I found a fairy tale that never made it to North America - it was considered too disturbing. Why? In the tale, a king falls in love with his own daughter and tries to force her to marry him. When I heard of this tale many years ago, I thought it relevant to today. The fairy tale contains the keys to recovery from sexual abuse and oppression by a powerful and outwardly respected figure.

    In my version, the Coyote Girl finds hope in a kind sheep farmer whom she hopes to marry. The artwork - and The Coyote Girl's prayer - expresses a moment of deep spirituality when the Coyote Girl prays sincerely, humbly, and profoundly for the Great One's help.

    I dedicate this artwork and The Coyote Girl's Prayer to each and every person who has suffered sexual abuse or mistreatment in any form.


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